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  • 200 s South 12th Street
  • Philadelphia, PA, 19107
  • United States

Songbird is halfway through Season 4 of Songbird: The Search for Philly's Best Singer! With 14 remaining Songbirds, this show is just about to boil over. After Hip Hop Week, we were left with a Bottom 3 of Brianna Roth, Justine, and Lisa Parks, and it's up to you to save one of them! After a shocking elimination of Katie Gin, we are heading into Duets Week. Duets Week is a little different this year! The Songbirds are allowed to perform a duet with anyone in the entire world, including contestants of this Season, past seasons, well-known singers, randoms.... it's up to them! 

Krista Starr won Hip Hop Week, and was granted immunity for this upcoming week! With our judges Lisa Lisa, Larisa Bunch, and Cory Wade, and a very special performance by the amazing Tara Hendricks. 

Doors open at 8pm.
Showtime is at 9pm.

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Katie Gin
Zach Ryan
Daniel Paugh
Alyssa Canalichio
John Nunnally
Lucy Marie