JJ Bootleggers is throwing a massive, FREE SELECT OPEN BAR party on Thursday, February 25th and YOU'RE INVITED! Free brews, free games, free samples and football all under one roof! The only thing you have to do? Show up!

Enjoy a select Bud Light open bar from 6-9pm with moonshine sampling while watching the Thursday night football game! Top it all off with $10 unlimited tacos! That's right- stuff yourself with all the tacos you can handle and pay no more than $10.

What is moonshine you ask? Also known as hooch, white lightning, mountain dew, XXX is an un-aged, colorless spirit made from cornmeal, yeast, sugar, water, and malt. The term moonshine comes from the fact that distilling illegal liquor was done underground or in the “moonlight”.

JJ Bootleggers is Philly's first and ONLY moonshine themed bar! In touch with moonshine's sneaky history, JJ's Old West atmosphere makes you feel like you're getting away with something. The bar offers a great selection of libations but likes to focus on moonshine and moonshine signature cocktails. But they haven't forgotten about you beer lovers! Ten rotating drafts & countless cans and bottles to satisfy any booze lover!

Don't forget: You MUST RSVP Guestlist to get the open bar! Sign up here.