Spring Time in the City!

It’s starting to feel a lot like spring in Philadelphia! With temperatures rising above 50 degrees, you can pack away those winter coats and start planning your spring style. Here are three trends forecasted straight from the New York Fashion Week runways:

1. Cold Shoulder Tops

      Cold shoulder tops are the way to go this spring! Whether they’re tight and long-sleeved

            or have a bohemian feel, these tops look great paired with any bottom.

2. Stripes, stripes, stripes!

  Stripes of all sizes are in this season! Horizontal, vertical, shirts, skirts – you name it.

   *Spoiler alert: vertical stripes create a thin look while horizontal stripes show curves!*

3. Bold & Floral Prints


            Bold florals lit up the runway last week and are definitely a must this spring!

   Start digging in your grandma’s closet because high waists and midi-skirts are staying too!