Last night we were able to see some of Hollywood’s talented stars walk the red carpet and accept awards they were more than deserving of *cough cough Leo*. Today, I would like to give you a recap of all of the big moments on the stage, red carpet, and social media. 

| Chris Rock’s Opening Monologue |


With all of the controversy regarding the #OscarsSoWhite, Chris Rock dove head first into the topic with humor and honesty. His monologue shined light on a few issues in Hollywood, the rise of Kevin Hart, and other topics that gained a lot of social media attention.

| Leo’s Big Win |

leo's speech

For many years everyone has been rooting for Leonardo DiCaprio to get an  Oscar. Leo has dropped many jaws on screen but nothing will compare to last night. The recognition and response from his colleagues and fans was remarkable. With 440,000 tweets per minute after his big win, he beat Ellen's group selfie, the big moment of last year's Oscars!

| Wait, Are You Serious? |

oprah gif

We all know there are many outrageous things that people say via social media. But, this one tops them all, so I will just leave this here without any commentary.


| Red Carpet Best Dressed |

This year something different happened for the women of Hollywood, what designer they were wearing simply didn’t matter. They were being recognized solely for their hard work, the designer behind their dress was just a minor detail. Many of the best dressed women were the talk of social media, specifically Alicia Vikander in her dazzling yellow dress resembling Belle from Beauty and The Beast.