Who hired this ground hog anyway? The weather has taken a significant turn for the worse – and by worse I mean snow is on its way. Already made plans? Don’t worry! It’s possible to go out looking cute even in the dreariest of weather.

(Yes guys, you can look cute too.)

Here are a few outfit examples for this weekend to keep you fashionable, but most importantly, warm!

Girls, let’s be honest. We hate having to bundle up when going out because we know we’re going to throw our jackets off anyway. However, these looks might change your mind!

1. Faux fur is in right now. Whether it’s a vest or full on jacket, it screams warm and trendy.

2. Scarves. Are scarves ever out? Add a neutral scarf to any dark outfit and keep it on as an accessory long after the jacket comes off.

3. Going for drinks after work? Easy. Keep your blazer on, wear a cute blouse that day, and just add a pea coat. Simple, classy, and fast.

4. If you’re anything like me, cold weather isn’t going to stop you from breaking out your dresses. Add a long (WARM) jacket and some tights, plus knee high boots to create a look that can go from date night to GNO.

Sure, guys have the “I don’t care how I look” stereotype going for them but admit it boys, you care. Fortunately for you, looking nice during the cold months is easiest for you!

1. If you’re a simple guy, I recommend a nice warm leather jacket with a half-zip or cardigan underneath. It gives you an edge and also keeps the cold away.

2. This look can also range from date night or night out with friends. Beanies and scarves are being used more recently by men and they are rocking it! Pair them with a button-up and thick cardigan and I say you’ve got yourself a nice outfit

3. This is definitely more of a street-style look. Layering has been a key trend lately and this is the perfect example. Layer up with slight peek-a-boo color and if you can rock the cuffed pants, go for it!

Don't let these cold nights hold you back. Take on the town in your new trendy looks.