Sydney Garofolo- Accounts Specialist

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Sydney Garofolo and I study Strategic Communications with a minor in Business. I’m from a really small town about an hour or so north of Philadelphia called Barto, PA. I love shopping, traveling, working out, and hanging out with my friends. My absolute favorite thing to do though is to go home and hang out by my pool with my family.  

How did you first hear about Jessica Scott and how did that lead to you to working for her?

It’s kind of random how I started working for JS. One of my friends had seen a status on her Facebook page that said she was looking for interns. I sent her a message essentially pitching myself attached with my resume. I’m lucky that she even considered to bring me in for an interview because I was just starting my sophomore year of college and had no related experience. Thankfully she did and we clicked really well! I remember listening to Jess talk about the business, what I would be doing and getting so excited. I was hired and worked with her as an intern for about 3 months. After those few months, Jessica came to me with the idea of creating a Marketing and Events Coordinator position for me which was like interning multiplied by 10. Although it was going to be a lot more responsibility, I was obviously thrilled and jumped right in. I did that for about 6-7 months and absolutely loved it. But I had to make the tough decision to leave JS Marketing and Events after almost a year there. I left for a few reasons but mainly because I was still in school and heading in to a really tough year during which I was planning on studying abroad. I also wanted to experience Marketing in a corporate and field setting before I graduated from college. I knew I loved the agency side of the industry but I would totally kick myself later in life if I didn’t experience all that I could while the opportunities for internships were accessible and appropriate to have. 

What do you enjoy most about working with JS?

I genuinely enjoy this position and company so much but my favorite part is definitely working so closely to such a diverse group of clients. It’s also a huge bonus having Jessica as a boss, I think it’s a really great thing when you get can click well and admire your boss. I’ve learned so much from working with and watching Jess I sometimes question where I would be as a professional without her guidance early on. I also love meeting people through this job throughout Philadelphia and getting the opportunity to work with them. 

On the flip side, what is the most challenging aspect?

Definitely a hard question. I’m a bit of a night owl so I always find myself checking emails, doing research for a client, or working on something really late when I should be sleeping. I guess you could say a big challenge has been creating a balance between my professional life and my personal life. I tend to get really into my work and don’t want to stop doing it which can be a good and bad thing. 

What is your favorite part: marketing vs events? Why?

Well it’s hard to say because I do look at events as marketing in a way. I like marketing better though, events are fun because they’re exciting and different but I love to work on an account and see the marketing efforts develop and come to life and then of course, seeing a return on investment for the client. 

Tell me your most memorable experience working with JS.

My most memorable experience has got to be an event we did with the Friends of Lafayette for the L’Hermione Ship during Philadelphia’s Tall Ships Festival. It was one of the first times I watched a big event from the initial stages, beginning to the end. There were so many components going on at all times that I had to quickly learn how to not get flustered when you have 300 things and 99 minute problems all requiring immediate attention. Not to mention, the food was provided by the INCREDIBLE Walter Staib so the tasting wasn’t so bad
*wink* (Note: numbers not to scale)

Who do you admire and/or is your role model?

My parents!!!! Such a cliché but they are such hard working people and loving people and my mom is truly the smartest person I know (no offense dad). They make it really easy to thrive and have provided such a great life for me. 

What is something school didn’t prepare you for?

School definitely doesn’t prep for the fact real world business is really hard work, especially when you’re starting out. I think professors share their experiences with you and make it sound like a walk in the park so it is easy to think you are going to jump into their shoes right away but that’s definitely not the case. 

What is something valuable you learned?

Nothing is easy, work hard and it will pay off. When it does pay off, enjoy it. 

Can you give some advice about turning internship into fulltime positions?

Learn everything you can, even if you don’t think you’d be interested. When trying to move from an internship to a fulltime position do everything you can to show your employer what you bring to the table. Be sure to have confidence (but not arrogance) when presenting ideas, even if you’re unsure of yourself.  Most importantly, be happy in your job but never become too complacent, in my opinion that is when you start to lose the drive to be better. 

What are you excited about going forward?

I’m super excited to see how JS Marketing & Events can keep growing and have continued success with me on the team!