After months of preparation L'Hermione finally sailed into the Philadelphia Tall Ships festival on July 24th and was ready for our event on Friday, June 26th. With a ticket guests were able to tour L'Hermione and enjoy a cocktail hour aboard the ship. Afterwards, they either took a shuttle or walked over to City Tavern for remarks and dinner.

If you're not a history guru you may be wondering, "why would someone buy a ticket just to go on a ship for an hour?" L'Hermione is not just any ship, this ship is an exact replica of General Lafayette's 18th-century ship called the Hermione. This ship is the most authentically built ship in the last 150 years and started its voyage all the way in France!! Not to mention the dinner was prepared by Chef Walter Staib and was DELICIOUS! The whole event was a once in a lifetime experience for attendees and was nothing short of extraordinary.